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16 Jan 2018

The 2018 Color Forecast Announced

Just like predicting the weather, color forecasting gives guidelines for how to prepare for what’s coming. At the end of every year, industry professionals make predictions about what colors will take the world by storm. Check out these color predictions for 2018 and trust JDM to make the top colors of 2018 easily available. Read more.

22 Dec 2017

A Space Just for Me

Sherry Piersol needed space all her own, where she could transform into her pen name, S.G. Savage. Sherry writes a fictional series, Lydia’s League of Angels, a five-book series, which brings awareness to the issues of child abuse and human trafficking. After her first book made it to print and the second one was in the works, she realized it was time to find that space. Read her story here.


22 Dec 2017

Finding Grace in a Time of Grief

Life changed dramatically for Jamie Fletcher four years ago, when her son Zach passed away suddenly in an accident. Grief struck her, and she struggled to find reasons to get out of bed each morning. She found a bit of grace in a mission to help other grieving families. Read her story here. 

17 Jan 2017

Inspire, new issue!

The 2017 issue of JDM’s Build, Install, Inspire will be released February, 2017. This 68-page custom magazine is filled with exciting new ideas in full color. Each barn, animal shelter, playhouse or garage is labeled with product specs that make it easy to see what you like and order what you see. Inspire is available in print by request or for reading online.

07 Jan 2017

Where She Cooks

Catch up with celebrity chef Kathy Lehr and her new JDM barn, which serves as her classroom for culinary classes and as an outdoor kitchen complementing her hand-built clay oven. A JDM structure can be outfitted for almost any accessory building function, including outdoor kitchen, office, studio or guest house.    Read her story here.